My Short History

I began practicing Krav Maga in Israel in 1977 when I was a headstrong 14-year-old who believed he knew it all.  Yaron Lichtenstein quickly taught him otherwise.  My training and introduction to the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, and other Krav Maga masters changed my life.  Over the years, they taught me more than just Krav Maga techniques.  They taught me that real strength comes from understanding who you are.  The combination of self-awareness, self-discipline and the ability to defend oneself when needed provides a strong foundation from which to pursue one’s personal goals. I began teaching Krav Maga so that others could benefit from what I have learned.

The K.M techniques I teach come directly from my instructor/mentor Yaron, Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld and Krav Maga legend Eli Avigzar aka “ABUGZIR “.  Although each man had a humble, polite, smiling and quiet demeanor, they taught straightforward, effective Krav Maga techniques recognized by many as the best way to efficiently eliminate a threat to one’s safety.  Like them, I teach a realistic approach to self-defense.

I teach students to explore their individual strengths and limitations, and train them to use K.M techniques best suited to the students and the unique circumstances they might face.  Like my mentors, I also teach students to cultivate the self-awareness and confidence needed to respond effectively to the “not knowing” that arises in every confrontational situation.

Uniform and Gear I use in my K.M class

Krav Maga techniques spread on wide variety from lapel throw to kick and strikes.
Judo and japanese way of martial art were perfected and
established technically in academic order.
Imi – the founder of Krav maga ve hagana atsmit adapted the japanese way
Imi used Kodokan Judo wear with slight change in the trousers which are long.
The ballet shoes he chose were perfect to build feeling of control on leg and foot
when kicking or footwork.
The ranking ( Color belt ) system as well was adapted from Kodokan’s Judo
The teacher Mikonosuke Kawaishi system of color belt tally with Imi’s patriot
affection and inspiration of the colors of the land and state of Israel .

Uniform images from first book of Krav Maga

Uniform images from first book of Krav Maga

In the summer days or when lapel throw or apparel used submission was not practiced,
Only T-shirt belt trousers and shoes are used.

Foul cap (box) was never used, but heavy bag gloves were in used in practice.

The weapons that Imi the founder of Krav Maga was using:

  • Cotton Handkerchief
  • Knife
  • Long stick/short stick
  • Revolver and Automatic hand gun ( demo gun made from wood )
  • Bayonet Rifle and Sticks in the length of Uzi or AK47.

At that time training gear was very limited as well as Judo uniform and white trousers ( sometimes ordered from wedding dress makers).

Weapon from martial art movies and all the characteristic elements of shows
and graphic stimulation weretrivial and were discarded. For Imi and my teacher Yaron
used to say “We do self-defense, not movie hero stuff… ”
“Keep it ( Krav Maga ) simple keep it clean ”

Photos of example Krav Maga uniform wear

Photos of example Krava Maga uniform wear

Books of Krav Maga by my teacher. Pictures of Yaron Lichtenshtein and I

Krav maga Is an Israeli Martial art. Efficient and effective, original and real.

Photos of example Krava Maga uniform wear

Pictures of Yaron Lichtenshtein and I