Teachers of Krav Maga

Yaron Lichtenshtein Yaron Lichtenshtein (8/21/1953)

President of “Bukan” School of Krav Maga

Yaron my dear teacher lives Krav Maga every day of his life. From the first day we met I felt his love for nature and life and Imi as his father. His rage against human ignorance and indifference shows the honesty in his heart. He did and does Krav Maga with agility and accuracy, a representation of high level clarity. The clarity felt as one forgets the world. The clarity one can find in Ken do, Kyu do, and Zen.

Yaron Lichtenshtein Rotem Lichtenshtein (8/7/1980)

Rotem was born into Krav Maga. In his baby days he kicked, jumped, punched, and rolled. He was fed Krav Maga first and then taught how to walk.

Boaz Hagay (14/11/1964)

Began Krav Maga study at Y. Lichtenshtein “Galit” Dojo in 1977. Imi and Yaron both instilled an unmatched peace and confidence, that if provoked, would be unleash hell.

Yaron Lichtenshtein

Books by my teacher Yaron Lichtenshtein


Krav Maga Books

The pictures we took in Rehovot, Bukan School of Krav Maga 1988

Krav Maga Books

The pictures we took in Rehovot, Bukan School of Krav Maga 1988 - Inside pages

Yaron publish those books to  general public while Imi was still alive.  
time when ideal came before money…
Now anyone who uses  the hebrew name Krav maga 
will be sued  for blood  money, 
When I began practicing in those  days there  were 
those who  did  for  krav maga, and those who plan  
how to get rich from it …manipulating and corruption under Imi.  
many instructors came with New  Krav maga , ” Improved  Krav maga ”
Formulated  Like ” Short Krav maga ”   was the last  idea  people tried 
to dig  under  Imi  simple  and modest way…very sad.
The real  problem those  people  had  with Krav maga 
was their MACHO and EGO… I am Mr Big shot character 
those where outcast by Imi they had no room to be when Imi was alive, 
Imi and my teacher Yaron use to tell me strong men come from the jungle 
or  ” Grow  on the trees “ …inventing GULU GULU style fighting with muscles  
and  power  shouting…People who studied Karate or Judo and tried to adapt
what they do from sports to self defense. When Krav Maga was only
self-defense for weak people.

Imi and Yaron said  “We  don’t  do that, we  do simple things…”

” GULU GULU ” = ( undesignated ” martial artist ” )
Imi’s was and the way the Yaron taught me that we always return to the basic question  
Can you be modest ?
Can you really be who you are ?
Can you be Clean “NAKI” in hebrew  we  mean when we want to say
In those books you can find the true Krav maga.

Krav Maga Teaching Certifications

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“When you stop searching, you are lost” B. Hagay