"Boaz has always taught with a great deal of passion and concern. I rate him as an excellent teacher of Krav Maga and would recommend him to students of all ages"
"Boaz was my son’s trainer for Krav Maga in children’s group lesson for a year."

"He showed dedication to his work, professionalism, and responsibility and always enforced safety procedures."

"He knew how to speak to the children and always cared about their functioning at school and at home."

"The children in the group love him and miss him."
Daniela Kursh
"Aside from an evening seminar on self-defense for women many years ago, I had never studied any martial arts before studying Krav Maga with Boaz Hagay."

"I started studying Krav Maga because I wanted to learn more about practical self-defense and the philosophy behind it."

"I have been studying for over a year now and every lesson, I always learn something new."

"My teacher doesn't just demonstrate moves, he explains the principle and the bio-mechanics of the move so you understand why it works."

"Krav Maga is about learning how to defend yourself as you are, at your present level of fitness. Right from the first lesson you can feel confident knowing that if an agressor approaches you have options."

"I heartily recommend this course to anyone wishing to know how to effectively and efficiently defend themselves in real life situations, as well as increase body awareness and self-confidence."

Mary Ann B.
"This past year, in our temporary facilities, Mr. Boaz Hagay has been teaching the children Krav Maga. He has such a special way of showing the students the Krav Maga technique. For Mr. Hagay, this is not only a way of self-defense but a total mind/body connection for all situations. He patiently teaches the kids the philosophy behind Krav Maga as well as various positions and techniques the students will need to one day protect and defend themselves and others."

"Mr. Hagay is a very patient teacher who sincerely cares about his students and their individual needs and capabilities. Mr. Hagay has so much to offer to anyone interested in this Self Defense Technique. Mostly, I have seen a higher level of self-confidence in the children as they progress in Krav Maga. We have been so fortunate to have him as our instructor."

Rabbi Rachel Smookler
Jewish Community of Japan
"Boaz is the greatest
His class has given me a sense of inner confidence
That has changed my whole outlook"